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Phil Dunlap is the author of eleven novels of the old West. The latest, “Cotton’s Inferno” takes place in 1880 in Apache Springs, New Mexico Territory.

Whiskey Crossing lies smoldering after a fiery inferno reduces it to ashes, consuming every living thing. As the desperado who set the blaze rides hell-bent for the hills, he looks back to laugh at what he’s done, while undulating columns of smoke rise like ghosts in the desert. Carp Varner thinks he’s killed them all, every last one who failed to vote for him. His deadly retribution is complete. Or so he thinks. Watching the murderer ride like the wind to the west, Johnny Moon’s tears over the loss of his friends accompany a solemn oath to inflict vengeance on Varner no matter how long it takes. Full of hatred, the boy sets out to track the killer and finds a young girl near death, abandoned and robbed. Once her health is restored due mostly to the Johnny’s hunting skills, the two of them try to pick up Varner’s trail.

    Sheriff Cotton Burke is left to deal with this vicious killer when he lands in Apache Springs.


At the Indiana Historical Society’s Holiday Author Fair.

At the launch of Cotton’s Law at B&N 2012


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